Fluke Ti110 160 x 120 Resolution, Industrial-Commercial Thermal Imager with IR-OptiFlex focus system, IR-Photonotes, and Electronic compass

The ideal Thermal Imager for Industrial-Commercial Practices The Fluke Ti110 resolution, Industrial-Commercial Thermal Imager with IR-OptiFlex focus system and Electronic compass is the lightest, most rugged and easiest–to-use thermal imagers. With the innovative features and functionality in the Fluke Ti110 Handheld Thermal imaging Unit, you can perform infrared inspections faster and more efficiently and thoroughly document problem areas for additional follow-up.
Fluke Ti110 160 x 120 IR resolution, -20 to 250°C (-4 to 482°F) Industrial-Commercial Thermal Imager with IR-OptiFlex focus system, IR-Photonotes, and Electronic compass

  • Exclusive IR-OptiFlex focus system

  • IR-PhotoNotes annotation system

    • Attach up to 3 visible images per file; pen and paper unnecessary

    • Capture important information for more thorough analysis and reporting

  • Multi-mode video recording—focus-free video in visible light

    • Capture focus-free video of objects 4 feet away and beyond in visible light, infrared with full IR-Fusion capabilities

    • Great for documentation, training, marketing

    • Capture radiometric video

    • Perform frame-by-frame analysis

  • Infrared with IR-Fusion technology

    • Picture-in-Picture mode gives excellent alignment between infrared and visible images

    • AutoBlend mode blends partially transparent infrared and visible images into single view

    • Color alarms show infrared within user-selected temperature ranges

  • IR-Optiflex focus system

    • Focus free from 4 ft and beyond

    • One-touch manual focus for closer views

    • Performs scans significantly faster

    • Eliminates focusing frustration

    • True point-and-shoot ease of use

  • Capturing an image in portrait or landscape is easy

  • Voice Annotation

  • Wide field of view; with no optional lens

  • Image rotation in SmartView for analysis and reporting purposes

  • Electronic Compass: Eight-point cardinal compass readings

    • Know the direction and location of problem area

    • Readings can be easily inserted into images and reports

    • More easily capture critical information for analysis, reporting, and communicating potential problems

  • Detector type – Vanadium oxide (Vox)

    • Provides a clearer image

    • Withstands higher heat and radiation than amorphous silicone

  • Mult

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